Problem & Why AlphaScan AI

Here's the situation fellow degen. Blockchain has revolutionized how we can transact and invest. It has created a completely new culture, where we listen to each other, support and participate in the strongest projects, and have all trading data visible on a public ledger.

Great, so we're all set right? Well... not quite.

With great returns comes great responsibility. Or something like that...

Investing and trading crypto is marred by multiple issues.

Firstly, the abundance of on-chain data creates information overload. With numerous transactions occurring constantly, it becomes increasingly difficult to identify relevant signals amidst the noise. Secondly, Twitter being the ultimate ADHD farm where our short attention span drives many to simply engagement farm or pump their own bags doesn't help. Sorting through all Twitter data makes it nearly impossible to get the bigger picture and not get lost in the latest tweet going viral. Lastly, trading based on inside information asymmetry remains a concern, where privileged individuals with access to non-public information get an earlier signal than us average degens.

And even if all of this wasn't such a major issue, being early means that you might need to sit in front of your screen 24/7 and act as soon as the information is available because executing trades is still pretty archaic.

Finally, there is the topic of trading. Trading in web3 is still extremely cumbersome. Especially when you have to move fast because a token is pumping, web3 is far from an efficient trading experience.

And that fellow Chad, is the premise of AlphaScan AI. A tool that separates signal from noise, puts hard numbers to what you see on social media or on-chain, and allows you to trade immediately acting on those signals. A tool that puts community first, is decentralized where users actually benefit from the tool. Because let's be real, unless you were born into money, nobody is going to just come to you and give you anything for free. So we have to do it ourselves.

AlphaScan AI is a tool to scan for crypto alpha on steroids and enables you to trade using a lightning-fast trade execution engine. It is a tool that gives you immediately what you are looking for - understanding how the biggest alpha chads made money and what they are doing next. At the core, it is a modular, composable, and decentralized alpha discovery tool, an AI-powered prediction engine, coupled with a truly decentralized auto-trading bot. It enables you to find alpha on Twitter or on-chain and act on it before you even realize you just picked up a signal.

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