Finding Tokens in the App

There are a few ways you can find (and snipe tokens) through our bot.

  1. Through Alerts - You directly see new tokens that have been called in Telegram Call Channels in the chat with the bot

  2. Trending Tokens - Here you can find the most mentioned tokens in the last 21 days from Twitter and Telegram. You can also change the view to a horizontal view & filter by Chain & MarketCap. These tokens are typically listed on Coingecko

  3. Newest Mention - Here you see the newest mentions from Twitter and Telegram in the last 14 days, sorted by most mentions in the last 21 days. This will be changed to sorted by actual most recent mentions. These tokens are typically listed on Coingecko

  4. Search - You can also search for any token directly on top within your dashboard, that is listed on CoinGecko.

  5. Search via Address - If a token is not listed on CoinGecko, you can also just put the address into the chat. If the token is not trading on Ethereum (on Arbitrum for example), just type “arb:Contract Address” into the chat.

Now you see all general information about the token, just what you see after an alert. You can either buy the token directly through our app or monitor the price for either the next hour or the next 24 hours.

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