Oracle AI

Oracle AI is our second and most powerful AI model to find alpha based on social sentiment.

The feature triggers signals for tokens that are seeing very strong sentiment and have a disproportionate chance of experiencing a price increase. This does NOT mean that the token will automatically increase in value, only that sentiment-based risk has shifted.

The model is based on our first model (Faucet AI). It takes into consideration social sentiment parameters for tokens, token sentiment and price history, overall market sentiment, and multiple other data inputs. This also means that the feature provides more signals in a bull market or rising environment and less (or none) in a bear market or declining environment.

When sending a signal, the model also provides an 'Oracle Score' which is a confidence score for the signal. The model is based on probabilities of certain outcomes and this score reflects that. The score range is from 0 to 1. Please note, since this is the v1 of the feature, the score is set to be on the conservative side.

Unlike Telegram alerts, where a quick entry is crucial to positive returns, this feature shows exceptional returns even when DCAing over a 24h period post alert.

Nothing in this feature constitutes financial advice. You should always do your own research. See our Terms of Service for details.

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