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This page enables users to understand how prices behave after mentions by token threadoors (correlation is not necessarily causation as a reminder). As of now, this means mention of the $cashtag. We exclude cashtag mentions with negative sentiment.

To be specific, 'token performance' calculates the price of a token 1, 7, or 30 days after it was mentioned. This is NOT the last 30D performance from now into the past of all tokens mentioned but 30D onward after the token was mentioned

At the top, you can filter for accounts mentioning specific tokens only.

By default, everything is sorted by 7 days but you can sort by other time frames as well.

You can also expand on each account to see the breakdown by token and when exactly the mention was captured.

You can also filter for a specific token. This shows you only accounts that mentioned the token in the last 60 days. Mentions for the selected token are highlighted.

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