Telegram Calls

Our Telegram Call feature shows you all tokens that were called in supported Telegram call channels in aggregate, allowing you to directly see sentiment analysis for every token.

This feature brings social sentiment analysis to a completely new level, empowering you to use sentiment analysis even for fast-paced small-cap sniping.

*This feature is token-gated. You need to hold 10.000 $ASCN tokens in the wallet you’re logged in with to see the data.*

If you open the page, you directly see all recently called tokens in TG channels that we support. If you want to have channels added, simply send them to our discord server. The tokens are listed by most recent call.

On the left, you see the called tokens, as well as which channels called them . You can also see how many calls a token has in total in the last day, last week, and the last month.

You further see the average price increase in percentage after it was called by different call channels. For each token, you can see each call and how price changed in certain intervals, to the token's max price, and to its current price. We track prices for up to 7 days in this feature.

If you click on the token icon, you will be redirected to our individual token analytics page.

Now you see all call channels that called the channel, including the specific calls if you click on the channels after you expand the token line.

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