Staking $ASCN

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Staking $ASCN directly from public sale in the Genesis Pool

All users participating in the public sale are eligible to automatically stake their tokens in the Genesis Pool exclusively available to public sale participants. This pool serves as an additional benefit for public sale contributors. The pool will be active for three months and offers an APR of 100%.

All public sale tokens are staked in this pool from day one. Users have the flexibility to unlock their tokens at any time without penalty (though staking benefits will go away of course). The effective APR for public sale participants can only go up in this initial pool since it’s only open to public sale participants. Users can claim their staking rewards at any point in time without losing their staking position.

Once this pool concludes, we will provide information on any new staking pools. Any future staking pools will not be purely inflationary but rather directly tied to utility in the app.

Benefits of staking $ASCN

Token holders will be eligible for multiple benefits when staking their tokens. In particular:

  • Tiered fee discounts: Token stakers receive exclusive discounts on trading fees based on their token holdings. Details on the fee structure in the near future

  • Access to premium features: Stakers can get access to premium features such as alert priority and certain data types

  • Staking rewards: By locking their tokens, holders can earn staking rewards

How to stake $ASCN

You can access the staking portal here. On that page, you will see how many tokens are currently staked for the entire protocol, the current APR, and other protocol-level details. You will also see details about all your staking positions.

Join the AlphaScan AI Revolution

The AlphaScan AI platform, powered by the $ASCN token, is poised to revolutionize decentralized trading. Be a part of this exciting journey by participating in our public sale and experiencing the future of analytics-based bot trading. Together, we will shape a vibrant and profitable community in the web3 space.


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