About $ASCN

$ASCN will be the native utility and governance token of AlphaScan AI on Arbitrum. The maximum supply is 50M tokens. which cannot be updated in the future. As of the end of August 2023, 50M of tokens have been burnt.

$ASCN Utility

$ASCN is the core of AlphaScan AI. Holding 10,000 $ASCN gives you access to the most advanced features of AlphaScan AI: - Instant Smart Alerts in our Analytics & Trading Bot - Access to token-gated features in our dApp - 0%-trading fee in our bot - Access to our staking pools If you bought 10,000 $ASCN, log out and log into our dApp again to see the data. Hard reload the browser if necessary. Enjoy hunting for alpha! You can read more about the revenue distribution feature here.

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