Typical Workflow for Bot Trading

First of all, make sure to enable notifications for Telegram calls to never miss an alert.

As soon as you receive an alert, make sure to check out the original call and see if there is more information about it. For example (NFA): Is the token within a hot narrative? Is the dev legit? Try to find out as much information as possible as quickly as possible. A big plus point is if the token was called previously by another TG caller and continued to rally which is visible in our alert note. Return to the alert and have a quick look at the security information and check if everything is legit (always DYOR). If you have a good impression, have a quick look at the chart, as you do not want to buy into a complete dump and want to see good price action.

If that is also good to go, return to the bot and click on “Trade token” at the bottom of the alert or pick the amount you want to buy directly from the text interface. Make sure to have the token liquidity in mind to choose a reasonable buy amount.

After you bought, make sure to monitor the price closely. You can enable that under the “Trade token” button.

Happy sniping!

Please note - our bot has certain location-restrictions to ensure legal compliance. We use IP checks for these purposes. For details, please see our terms here.

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