Read more about $ASCN and our tokenomics.

About $ASCN

$ASCN will be the native utility and governance token of AlphaScan AI on Arbitrum. The maximum supply is 50M tokens. which cannot be updated in the future. As of end of August 2023, 50M of tokens have been burnt.


The initial token supply had 100M planned. However, since token launch, 50M tokens have been burned. Here are the burn tx: one, two, three).

Only public sale tokens and initial liquidity was unlocked at TGE. All other tokens were put into locked vesting contracts. The initial lock mechanism is shown below.

You can find the live circulating supply here and the total supply here. These numbers are connected to our backend and update live based on distributed tokens, vesting contracts, and total burned tokens

Buybacks and Additional Burns

A significant portion of the platform revenue is used to boost the tokenomics. Right now, we use 50% of all revenue to buy back tokens and burn them.

Technical details

The contract address for $ASCN on arbitrum is 0x1B8d516E2146D7a32Aca0FcBf9482db85fD42c3a.

The pair address of the ASCN/WETH pair on arbitrum is 0x121a4e93a6ea443a7e522F72443770190266B9F9.


Certain persons are prohibited from using Alphascan’s services. With respect to Alphascan AI’s token and bot, that list includes any resident of Panama, Myanmar (Burma), Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Nicaragua, Somalia, Sudan, the United States of America, Yemen, Zimbabwe, or Russia. For more information see our privacy policy and terms of service.

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