Called Token Page

If you click on a specific token in our Telegram Calls feature, you’ll get to individual token pages. Every called token on Telegram has its individual analytics page. You see overall token data like price or marketcap, as well as specific sentiment data of the token.

Please note that this feature is token-gated, as well as the Telegram Calls feature. You need to hold 10,000 $ASCN tokens to access the data.

First, you directly have access to all general market data of the called token. You can also directly buy the token by clicking on Snipe Token. You will then be redirected to the $ASCN trading bot.

If you scroll down, you will see all relevant sentiment analytics data on aggregate, such as how many Telegram calls occurred in various timeframes, as well as who called it, and what the maximum possible profit after individual calls was.

You can also see the specific calls right away in our dApp. Underneath the sentiment overview, you see all calls, sorted by most recent calls. Simply click on the Telegram Symbol on the right to be redirected to the call itself.

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