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If there’s one certainty in startups, it’s the fact that what you plan is definitely not going to happen exactly according to plan. As Eisenhower famously said ‘I have always found that plans are useless but planning is indispensable’. As we designed our roadmap, we have kept this underlying credo close to mind.
Phase 1 (complete):
  • Account sentiment analytics
  • Token sentiment analytics
  • Historical sentiment analytics
  • Narratives sentiment analytics
Phase 1b (complete):
  • Decentralization
  • Staking
  • V1 tokenomics mechanisms (incl. private/public sales)
  • Token indicators for momentum, new & hot, and more
Phase 2 (in progress):
  • Telegram bot - analytics basics
  • Telegram bot - trading
  • Additional improved analytics features
  • Initial partnership integrations
Phase 3:
  • Advanced Telegram features
  • Public facing API
  • Improved analytics (incl. more AI integration)
  • Additional partnership integrations
Phase 4:
  • continuous improvements of the platform and release of new features. Details to be announced at later stages
On top of the above listed features, we are planning a few features that will be announced when they are ready for competitive reasons.
In addition, here are more details on $ASCN's utility within the platform. It will be released in stages:
Stage 1:
  • Genesis Pool (live)
  • Token-gate parts of the platform & specific features and data
Stage 2:
  • Discounted trading fees for our bot
  • Bot referral bonus
  • Revenue distribution
Stage 3:
  • $ASCN utilities with partners
  • Preferred access to our discord bot (or through partnerships)
  • Governance
All stages are going to be implemented in step line with the corresponding feature releases.