Trading Using our Trading Bot

Effective alpha signals are meaningless if one cannot immediately act on them. Recognizing this risk, AlphaScan AI is releasing two distinct solutions to immediately trade in-app.

The first one is similar to what you might be used to from Dexscreener or Dextools - a seamlessly integrated trading interface directly in the app.

Second, AlphaScan AI is introducing its own native Telegram-based trading bot that enables users to leverage their own trading signals without any delay. For example, the bot will enable users to automatically buy a token when a certain influencer or a group of influencers discuss a token on Twitter or in their Telegram groups. After the TG bots are live, we will introduce similar features on Discord.

Behind the scenes, the bot will conduct comprehensive on- and off-chain checks, e.g., including safeguards against rugs, monitoring of unfavorable on-chain behavior, and more.

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