Trading using Signals

The last puzzle piece in all of this is how we trade. Oftentimes, we would wake up, scroll through Twitter while brushing our teeth, find a few interesting comments about a token, only to check the price and realize it's already up 20-100%. Are we aping in now? Of course not, we want to wait for a pullback and then ape hard. But of course it just keeps going up and now we're FOMOing into a new position which will probably get us rekked hard.

So if we know what signals we want to look for, have the system built out to find those signals, why are we only sending ourselves alerts to then still miss a significant chunk of the upside? Yeah... Why?...

Say GM to AlphaScan AI 👋

The last few pages described to you the premise of AlphaScan AI. The next will show you how we're solving it.

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