Set Up Alerts

Call alerts are crucial to get the most out of the AlphaScan AI Bot.

To set up alerts, “Call Channels” in the main screen.

Now you see all Telegram Call Channels we support currently. You can enable alerts for specific channels by just clicking on the right symbol.

You can also choose to only receive alerts for tokens with a certain token tax amount and choose a custom default buy amount in your settings within the “Call Channels” section.

We are adding channels on a rolling basis.

If you want to have a specific channel added, make sure to just send it into our discord or Telegram Channel!

Alert data

Alerts allow you to snipe tokens directly when an influencer on Telegram called them. Our alerts not only show you general information about the called token, but also give you information about which other influencers called the same token previously, security information, and much more.

As soon as you enable alerts for call channels, you will receive alerts in the exact same chat as the bot is in. Just wait for the first alerts to roll in.

Here is everything you need to know about our alerts:

  1. Caller Information + Link to the call within the specific channel

  2. Token Cashtag + Chain the token is trading on + Contract address incl. the DexTools link

  3. Current price + MarketCap + Liquidity + Liquidity/Marketcap ratio

  4. Security Information (always DYOR) + Token tax information

  5. Which other channels called the token + Performance of that call until this new call + Link to the call within the specific channel

  6. Here, you have multiple options on what actions you want to take.

    1. You can click on trade token -> The app opens and you can snipe the token directly

    2. You can monitor the price of the token for the next hour

    3. You can monitor the price of the token for the next 24 hours

If you choose to monitor the price of the token, you will receive regular updates about the price within your chat.

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