How It Works

AlphaScan AI is a tool that looks at social sentiment and on-chain data, and then allows you to automate your trading based on the signals you see.

For starters, we make understanding social sentiment as easy as possible. We don't just give you a sentiment score, we show who mentions what at what time and correlation between mentions and prices (please note - correlation is not causation). With AlphaScan AI, you can see which tokens are being mentioned by which Twitter accounts. That enables you to immediately see which token is becoming interesting on social media or which account is best at identifying tokens early.

Similarly, in the future we will introduce features for blockchain data. Our focus will be on specific parameters like profitability or aggregate behavior to enable you to see the larger picture and not get lost in individual transactions of one wallet. This makes identifying smart wallets, smart trades, and any other relevant activity as simple as ever. Once market moving Chads are found, those wallets and activity can all be aggregated and tracked. Based on this aggregate behavior, you can set individual alerts and automate your trading using those signals

We are taking all of this data and dumping it into our AI to add an additional layer of confirmation to any decision.

All of this data serves one purpose - to identify the right trades faster than others and immediately trade when that signal arrives. AlphaScan AI is solving this through a Telegram-native bot that takes your signal and your trading rules as input and executes the trade when signal arrives.

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