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Data and Finding Signals

Ok, let's talk more about data.
If you're serious about crypto, I'm sure you're on Twitter 24/7, have a list with all relevant threadoors (or at least we like to think they are relevant), and act on it as soon as we have done our analysis. And then we look at the token price and realize it's already done a 4x and 10 other threadoors have been talking about it for 5 days. F%&# 🤬
Next, we have on-chain data. However, scanning the blockchain for alpha right now is tricky to say the least. It's a manual effort, and it takes loooooots of time. Existing tools have done a terrific job of displaying individual transactions, wallet holdings, and other such metrics. However, we think there's more to it than that. Understanding a strategy behind a wallet's trades, acting on it in real-time, and doing that across potentially hundreds of wallets is what we want from the data.
When we set out to understand social and on-chain data, we quickly realized, there is no tool out there right now that puts the data the way we think about it and then uses AI to give us the signal we want.